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Approx. 10-15 servings per order

Dough Nuggets

Bite-sized pieces of fried pizza dough tossed in a parmesan garlic butter sauce and served with a side of Georgio’s ranch and marinara sauce. 26.95


Light and refreshing tomato bruschetta with our thin sliced parmesan garlic bread. available with or without fresh mozzarella. (approx. 36 pieces per order) 34.95


Lightly breaded and fried. served with our marinara, spicy ranch and cilantro ranch for dipping. 44.95

Buffalo Wings

Marinated, slow roasted, fried to order, and tossed with mild, spicy, or honey bbq sauce. served with Georgio’s ranch and blue cheese dressing. (approx. 36 per order) 44.95

Mozzarella Sticks

Delicious breaded mozzarella served with Georgio’s ranch and marinara. (35 per order) 36.95

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Spinach, artichokes, cheeses, and roasted red peppers, baked and served with your choice of homemade chips or thin sliced parmesan garlic bread. (approx. 36 pieces per order) 42.95


Approx. 15-20 servings per salad. add grilled chicken or seared Italian sausage for 9.00

Chopped Salad

Grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, bacon, diced tomatoes, iceberg and romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and red onions with a honey dijon vinaigrette dressing. 42

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, shaved and grated parmesan, and house made croutons. With a side of caesar dressing. 32

BBQ Chicken Salad

Bbq marinated grilled chicken, cheddar jack cheese, crispy tortilla strips, black bean cilantro corn salsa, romaine and iceberg, with our cilantro lime ranch dressing. 40

House Salad

Romaine and iceberg topped with mozzarella, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and croutons. 32


Small (10-15 servings) or large (20-25 servings). add garlic bread Sm 6.75 / Lg 12.75. add chicken or Italian sausage Sm 9.75 / Lg 18.75

Baked Mostaccioli

Ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella baked with penne pasta and your choice of Georgio’s marinara or meat sauce.
Sm 40/Lg 78

Sausage Vodka Sauce

Grilled Italian sausage and our spicy vodka sauce tossed with penne pasta and parmesan cheese. Sm 44/ Lg 85

Meat Lasagna

Lasagna layered with ground beef, Italian sausage, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and Georgio’s meat sauce. served with a side of Georgio’s marinara sauce. Sm 35/ Lg 64

Cheese Lasagna

Lasagna layered with mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and Georgio’s marinara sauce. served with a side of Georgio’s marinara sauce. Sm 35/ Lg 64


Cavatappi baked with roasted red peppers and our monterey jack, cheddar and parmesan cheese sauce. Sm 40 / Lg 78

Broccoli Bowties

Bowtie pasta with broccoli, grilled chicken, and parmesan cheese, tossed in a butter, garlic and olive oil sauce. Sm 45 / Lg 87

Fettucine Alfredo

Fettuccine tossed with Georgio’s alfredo sauce and parmesan. Sm 38.25 / Lg 85

Spaghetti or Penne

Served with your choice of spaghetti or penne pasta and Georgio’s marinara or meat sauce. Sm 35 / Lg 64

Kids Mac-N-Cheese

Creamy cheddar mac-n-cheese. Sm 20.75 / Lg 41.50


Small (10) / large (20) half sandwiches. Available as “hot/ready to eat” or refrigerated for heating at home.

Italian Beef Sandwich

A Chicago classic! slow roasted beef sliced thin and simmered in au jus. served with giardiniera and sweet peppers. Sm 52/ Lg 94

Blackened Chicken Sandwich

Blackened chicken breast pan-seared and served with shredded romaine, tomatoes, and a dijon aioli. Sm (10 half sandwiches) 58/ Lg (20 half sandwiches) 98

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

Breaded chicken breast topped with marinara, parmesan and mozzarella cheese. Sm (10 half sandwiches) 54/ Lg (20 half sandwiches) 96

Italian Sausage Sandwich

Served in your choice of marinara, sweet peppers, or plain. One 4-inch piece per serving. served with giardiniera and sweet peppers. Sm 52 / Lg 94

Meatball Sandwich

Georgio’s homemade meatballs covered with marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese, served on a ciabatta bun. Sm 52 / Lg 94



Steamed broccoli florets. (approx. 1 lb) 10.75

Grilled Chicken

Ten grilled chicken breasts (cut in half to make 20 pieces). 30.75

Meatballs Marinara

Twenty of Georgio’s half-sized homemade meatballs served with Georgio’s marinara sauce. 30.75

Italian Sausage

10-4″ pieces of Italian sausage oven roasted with your choice of marinara sauce, sweet peppers, or plain. 20.75

Chicken Tenders

Crispy strips of breaded chicken. (approx 15-17 per order) 30.75

Garlic Bread

Made in-house. 15-2 inch pieces for 6.75/ 30-2 inch pieces for 12.75.


8 oz side of hot giardiniera. 3.75

Sweet Peppers

Marinara Sauce

One quart of Georgio’s marinara sauce. 8.75

Meat Sauce

One quart of Georgio’s meat sauce. 13.75

Ranch Dressing

Georgio’s homemade ranch dressing! (12 oz) 4.75

French Bread

8 (4-inch) pieces of extra french bread for sandwiches. 8.75



Chicago-style vanilla bean cheesecake, made from scratch, with a graham cracker crust and topped with a strawberry puree. 10-inch 50

Carrot Cake

Georgio’s made from scratch triple layer carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. 60


Ten cannoli sprinkled with chocolate chips and powdered sugar. 30.75

Mini Cannoli

Ten mini cannoli sprinkled with chocolate chips and powdered sugar. 17.75


Choose your pizzas from our regular menu.


Warming Kit

Foil pan, disposable rack, and two 4-hour stirnos. 8.75

Disposable Tableware

Plastic plates, forks, knives, and napkins. (available upon request)


Delivery is 3.00

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